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Responsive Website Design: Is it Worth It?

If you wake up in the morning and check a favorite website on your laptop, then check it again on your tablet, and again later in the day on your smartphone while waiting in line, then you’re like many people who access the internet from different web-enabled devices.
Most people who own multiple devices eventually get into the habit of checking their email and favorite websites from all of them at some point – a practice that is largely possible due to responsive design.

57% of all online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets, and 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

online traffic comes from smartphones

In the past, desktop computers were the only way to browse the web. The web page design was simple using fixed-width page layouts - typically about 1,000 pixels wide. This meant that the layout of the web page did not change no matter how large or small the screen of smartphones. Web pages made for desktop computers are just not suited to the small screen size of mobile devices and their use of touch.
Nowadays, mobile devices are overtaking desktops in the internet world. With the growth of different mobile devices, browsers, and screen sizes - a new design approach came to solve this problem. So what is responsive web design? Responsive web design lets you design a website that adapts or responds to the width of the web browser and make sure all the content displays on any device. Including mobile phones tablets and desktop computers with just one design. Responsive web design is an approach that enables your website to optimize its layout and performance for any device or web browser.

An enormous 70% of adults own a smartphone. That figure rises to 90% when you focus on 16-24 year-olds.

responsive busness website

Responsive web design provides a positive user experience by ensuring that your web page and text load quickly and in the optimum size and resolution for any device. Responsive websites create a good review is in mind rather than try to squeeze the same desktop layout onto a small mobile screen which would require more work.
Response website designs saves your time and money. Instead of designing a separate whole website for mobile devices. You should simply select a mobile responsive theme. So you have to work on a single project and only have one URL. With responsive design, you only have to build single website and you can brows this website on different platforms or a different screen sizes. If you were to create separate sites for the Desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad, or other tablets, definitely it would get very expensive.

Computer users” aren’t just people using desktop computers. It also includes people browsing websites, social media, and apps on mobile devices.

site on the phone

You don’t need additional websites. Creating and maintaining separate websites can be time consuming and costly – and even doing so isn’t likely to cover all of the different devices in use today. With one responsive design website, you only need to apply updates once and your visitors will see them – no matter what devices they’re viewing from.
With one website, your traffic and SEO won’t become diluted across multiple URLs.
With responsive design, you don’t have to worry about which devices will hit the market and/or become popular. Your website will be flexible enough to suit all platforms

Not only do 89 percent of US adults use the internet, but 77 percent of them own a smartphone, and in 2016, mobile web traffic outpaced desktop web traffic for the first time

website responsive

If your website isn’t fully responsive, there’s someone right now ready to throw their phone at the wall because of a bad user experience. You could be losing clients without realising it.
The best advice is to put in the design work now, and future-proof your website. You can redesign it to become more responsive, or even build it from scratch. You need a professional, forward-thinking team to design and develop a fully responsive site, and WWW-4U nail that brief. Contact us today to find out how we can create a responsive site that will delight and engage your users, and generate great results.

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